Who am I?

Good part

I am Sanja, psychologist and a life coach. I graduated psychology on the USEE - Union of South Eastern Europe Faculties, and been educated in the field of Life coaching and REBT (Rational-emotive behavioral therapy). Also I am an author of psychology courses and self-help e-books.


My research field is based on science of emotions, stress and fears , because those thing are in the center of so many mental conditions and disorders! 

I love food and I am I'm allergic to pea and sesame.

I love house full of people and big families.

I have a golden retriever and I run for my life even when a chihuahua starts to bark. 

Not so good part

When I was 9 years old, I had a little hand injury and almost lost it, but surgery was successful so I can write free ebooks for you now :)  

Then my parents get divorced, my younger sister grows up with mom, and we were able to see each other only on weekends. I grow up with my father, and he was the best...man, parent, friend, teacher, person. I lost him. He suddenly died when I was 24. He was 54.

That was a life tornado.

The rest of the story you will hear on our sessions


Why I decided to tell you this?


Because now I know what my clients mean when they say "I feel like I was in tornado". That was the moment in my life that makes me change completely!

 I experienced the huge struggle and I felt a lot of things my clients feel, so if you decide to become my client and work with me, you can be sure I really understand you as someone who know, but really know "how does it feels". It takes a lot of effort, but knowledge from psychology science helped me a lot, so it was successful. I succeeded to get my life back to normal and continue to grow as a person.

  Why you should choose me to be your coach?

I did't learn just from university books I experienced those things on my own skin! That's why I am not just some psychologist and life coach who want to be in this job because it is simply interesting.

I am in this job because this is my life calling.  

When bad things happens to us, we stuck, and we are not able to grow anymore. What happens that? I think you know the answer, and nobody wants to live like that.

But there are so many things you can do to fix that. 

What I want to say is -



but some not so good parts are strong and they makes as dysfunctional and disable to live in the way we should. 

This is just my story. You have your own.

My job is to help you go trough the storm, to help you win that battle and to reconcile with bad part of your life, so you can grow and take all the best from life!


How I do that?







My approach




My approach is a combination of psychology and life coaching witch includes REBT (Rational - emotive behavioral therapy) elements.



We are made of 3 elements 





(mind, soul and body) or (thoughts, emotions and and behavior).

and those 3 parts are connected.

When we feel something is wrong in our lives, when we experience anxiety, depression, negative emotions, mess, that means those 3 parts are in complete dis-balance.


What I do is - make sure back all 3 parts in balance!


By using different professionally designed techniques, methods, worksheets and exercises.Yes, this combination changes lives!

First I helped myself, so that is how I know this works!


That is the only way to feel good again!

In short I teach you how to recognizing "enemies" in your mind, to understand why do you feel what you feel and how to change your feelings. I teach you how to recognize your strengths, how to use them to create a life that you want and deserve.

I am not only your psychologist and Life Coach, I am also your friend! I succeeded to get out! Since than helping others is my passion!


This approach is unique because we can use it for any field of your life!


My goal is not just to solve your current problems, but also to teach you how you can apply those techniques for any further life situation.





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